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Friday, November 8, 2013 • 4:16 PM • 0 comments
Assalamualaikum & Hello everyone ^^
So, holiday is just around the corner! i should prepared-well tho. hehe no i mean. Spm is just around the corner which is 14 months which is also next year which is next year is just about 2 months. ᕙ( ^ₒ^ c)

Yesterday, i went to tuition. and i enjoyed it very well. *claps*
Many chinesse but i dont care. I still have Allah & Afz hehehehehehehehehhehehehe wtv.
Progression (basic) is easy for now. later i dunno la lol

Happy Awal Muharram 
new year is Islam. hehe. here are my wishlist for my new year :
- Go umrah
- Have a liscence
- Straight As spm
- Get scholarship
- Be a true muslimah
- Have a most amazing year (2014)

sun sun sun  | via Tumblr

Today is a school day which ive had a lot of fun! ((evethough i brought phone to school & i ate inside the class)).
We (me, aliya, syhrh, wen xia, eng, chyanna) snap a lot of pic like crazy lols. I DONT KNOW U GUYS LIKE CAMWHORING LOL.
But they are super amazing person ive ever met :D I do not really close with chyanna eventhough we are classmate for 2 years. ehe.But she is kind and funny xD
My final year result is a bit bad but Alhamdulillah. no failed so far. hehe That is my target. I don't mean to show off but Alhamdulillah. i'll try not to fail next year and get straight As for my spm. I really hope that. I know I have Allah & I hope i did not study for spm but for Allah. I will do everything because of Allah & not anyone else.
People said nov & dec is the moment that we have to strong our basic which is form 4. I should study starting from  now. Yes. I must.

And Ya Allah, I really hope that Me, Syahirah, Aliya & Husna will enter 5mantap for next year.
amin :D


All the best to my afz for upcoming SMA. Do well and you must do well in shaa Allah. Mumtaz tau! ٩(●̮̮̃•)۶ ehe. And imissyoujdfcoidhfiefoiewhadjbnuqe lols. xD
If you read this, please let me know & i hope youmissmetoondsijhqwhdand hahahaha gila. lols

Thats all guys. have a nice day ahead xx

EXO ♥ xoxo

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Assalamualaikum ! :D Hello , Hi :D