Bullshit life.
Tuesday, May 16, 2017 • 10:53 AM • 0 comments
Realizing the fact that i miss my father a lot but i can't do anything? I don't have someone to talk about my life, i meant my own family. They had their own families so it is a way no that i will get their attention. Sometimes i felt like i'm not belong anywhere. I don't feel like im fit anywhere. Not at all.

I need attention from my family. I don't feel like coming home. Not at all. I don't know. my life is bullshit. I'm struggling with my study and the only things that on their mind is me to find love. What's wrong if i'm not get marry? Is that even a sin? Tell me why can't u guys support me in my study instead of love. Kadang tu bila test teruk, study tergelincir, banyak kerja & sangat stress, xthu nak luahkan dekat siapa. Allah je ada. and kawan2. dan kadang tu mampu nangis je. Tapi tu la org ingt survive je kt um tapi xtahu berapa banyak kali aku down. Thank you piqa sebab selalu motivate & pujuk dalam bilik.

I need my dad, i need him. i'm fragile. i'm tired.

Assalamualaikum ! :D Hello , Hi :D